We offer retreats suitable for every need. Whether you want to go really deep and spend a week with five ceremonies or only have time for a weekend with two ceremonies.

Spirit of Aya Retreats

We are constantly evolving

Since we facilitated the first ceremony in our apartment in Copenhagen with two participants back in 2014, we have now arranged hundreds of ceremonies at retreats of 3-8 days in length, with ceremonies of about 12 and occasionally up to 18 participants.
And we keep getting better at crafting the overall framework, tuning the energy in the ceremonies and at the approach of the individual contact with you as a participant.

We have the training, the experience, the theoretical knowledge and the personalities to give you the support in the form you need. Read more about the team at Spirit of Aya.

We have only one focus

To be there for You. Day and night. 24/7. You are embarking on a journey in your mind and body of potentially huge dimensions with the use of a mix of sacred plants from the Amazon – medicine – as a portal, and with modern psychotherapeutic tools – facilitators – as your  wheels. For most people it’s a huge advantage to have competent support for this experience. That is where we come into the picture; it is our passion and we have the knowledge and experience. That’s what our life is about – creating the right space for You.

We support the work of the medicine

Some gain insights about themselves that not even 1000 hours of psychological consultations could accomplish. Others become free of physical symptoms that have plagued them for years. Some  find that shamanic tea is not the way for them to go. And some feel absolutely nothing for the first five ceremonies, and then suddenly have a break through. The medicine gives you what you need is our mantra.

But our experience tells us that even though – or perhaps because – the medicine is intelligent beyond all limits, it is essential to travel with people you trust, who have done their research and are experienced. We have served thousands of cups of Shamanic tea, and it has been intense. But if you ask our participants, they will say that we are able to deal with anything that may happen during, between and after the ceremonies.

Our role in the ceremonies

Jacob has participated in / assisted at hundreds of ceremonies


Jacob has participated in / assisted at hundreds of ceremonies and, together with all of our experienced volunteers we have what it takes to create a space with room for everything that might come in handy for the transformational work you do.

Ceremonial Space

we create the ceremonial ‘space’ by ‘cleaning’ with smoke from tobacco, as we open and protect the dimensional gates from which the spirits and energies flow.
Before all participants – and then ourselves – swallow the bitter tea individually, we sing into the cup to ask for protection for all of us.

Traditional Ceremonies

Out of respect for our teachers and the culture that fostered shamanic tea we facilitate the ceremonies in an authentic way using the rituals and practices we have learnt from the native masters in Peru.

During the ceremony we guide you, both on an individual level and as a group. Mainly through medicine songs (Icaros), but also practically by holding hands, providing comforting words, and helping whenever someone needs to go to the bathroom.

To create a safe and caring space, where everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) is lovingly welcomed, is very important to us.

Private retreats

We host all kinds of participants all over the world

You choose when and where

We host to a wide variety of participants. Including those with challenges needing special facilities and/or handicapped friendly access, doctors on location or those who need discretion.

In short: We offer private retreats suiting all situation. You come to one of our locations, or we come you.


We have facilitated ceremonies to high profile politicians, business people and celebrities. And we take deep pride in absolute discretion.

A private retreat can be customized in a variety of ways, whether you are a group of people who want this experience together, maybe in form of team building, or you want to travel alone. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Safe communication

You can contact us at If you want completely safe communication: Create a new mail account from a public computer and write to us using it. That way we can set up a secure channel of communication for our future dialogue.