The Team

Jacob has participated in/assisted at hundreds of ceremonies and  has received extensive education i facilitating Ceremonies from native Shamans in Peru and are running Spirit of Aya with a group of dedicated volunteers.

Together we have what it takes to provide a safe space for everything that might come up during the transformational work done by you.

Spirit of Aya has hosted hundreds of ceremonies and until now, haven’t we seen a empty place at a retreat.

Ayahuasquero, yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, journalist

Jacob has participated in/assisted/facilitated at hundreds of Ceremonies in and out of the Amazon Jungle which he visited numerous times during the last 12 years and received extensive training in facilitating ceremonies from native Shamans in Peru.

Jacob has a dark past with extremely destructive behaviour as a drug addict, criminal, lying, cheating, stealing and deeply unhappy person. But at the first spiritual Aya ceremony in 2004 his journey of learning how to take responsibility for his actions and own wellbeing started. There has been a lot of set backs since but finally he found his place in life making available for others what helped him to become what he is today: Full of love, empathy and willingness to walk the extra mile to help out. But with a street boy edge with a direct approach and intuitive ability to ask the right questions valued (and feared) by clients and friends.

He co founded what is now Spirit of Aya in Denmark back in 2014 and have facilitated ceremonies for hundreds of participants.