About Spirit of Aya

Spirit of Aya facilitate spiritual shamanic tea retreats in Spain and Denmark.

Spirit of Aya

Spirit of Aya facilitates Ayahuasca retreats in Spain and Denmark. Since we  back in 2014 invited two friends to participate in a ceremony in our apartment living room floor, hundreds of guests have shown us the confidence to let us lead them into the spiritual universe and safely back again.

Only one year after the first ceremony we  could devote all our energy to developing Spirit of Ayas unique approach, which combines the traditions of ceremonies from the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon with western therapeutic tools like body therapy, yoga, NLP, hypnotherapy and lots of reading spiritual and scientific content.  
And now about three years later we facilitate retreats in both Spain and Denmark.

Magical journey

In addition to the Shipibo traditions and the mentioned qualifications, we draw on our personal experiences with human transformation – we have all three of us gone through extremely dark periods in our lives, and we KNOW that you CAN come out on the other side of anything.

The mix of the above has proven highly effective in creating real healing and transformation that materializes out in the everyday life of our participants. And we have never had an empty space in a ceremony.

It is a magical journey for all three of us that fills our lives with more meaning than we could ever have asked for. And we humbly thank all of you who have been involved in one or more retreats and / or supported us in other ways. We promise to give all our energy to do our work better and better and make shamanic tea accessible to as many people as possible.