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One of our clients shares her experience with Spirit of Aya

Ayahuasca is made of medicinal plants used by natives in the Amazon for centuries. Shamans use it to this day in order to reach a state where they can diagnose illnesses and imbalances in their patients energy, as well as gain knowledge from other dimensions and spirits on how to solve the problems.

Traditionally, the knowledge gathered by the shaman from the plants is also used as a basis for major decisions for the tribe: Where / when to go hunting, when to prepare for war, and when it was time for relaxation and celebration.

Today there are historically few shamans left. Most young people want to go to the cities for western inspired education and nightlife. But luckily, in recent years, a movement has risen regarding the shamanic wisdom of great importance. More and more westerners have become aware of the deep insights and healing that are available through Ayahuasca.

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How Spirit of Aya saved Peters life

Where to drink Ayahuasca?

If you consider drinking Ayahuasca it is, in our view, extremely important that you spend some energy researching. In line with the increasing popularity of Ayahuasca, there have been a lot of providers of Ayahuasca in various forms, settings and locations.This is in many ways good, because people can assess for themselves what suits them best. But there is also a downside in the form of a multitude of rogue providers that gamble with people’s lives. And it can be dangerous to drink Ayahuasca, if you’re not in capable hands.


Should you go to Peru, Brazil or Colombia and get the authentic experience with a native shaman? And if you choose to do so, should it be far out in the jungle without modern comfort, or should it be at one of the many more luxurious centers shooting up all the time in South America? You might try yourself by ordering the plants online and cook the medicine at home in your kitchen? Or maybe it is important to you that the facilitators have the same frame of reference as you and speak the same language. And that you do not have to deal with heat, humidity, creeps and crawlers.

With who?

Once you have decided in which setting you want to try Ayahuasca, you need to find out which of the many providers you trust enough for to let guide you on this potentially life changing journey.
Now, don’t be scared. The majority of providers have both the insight and the heart in the right place, so you can easily find a place that suits you. But we recommend that you spend some time researching, and from this research, you make an overall assessment. For an example, it is a great idea to read reviews and contact the facilitators at the centres you consider going to with questions. A lot can be felt from the content and tone of the answers you get.

Why us?

We ourselves have traveled with Ayahuasca in many different ways. Including those mentioned above. And there are advantages and disadvantages to all of them. Those who choose to come to us mention the fact that we conduct the ceremonies very traditionally and, at the same time, bring modern psychotherapeutic tools into play. We spend a lot of time with our participants, so much of the work with integration – which in our view is essential – arise ad hoc in the meetings that come up between participants and facilitators, because we are available all the time.

“Thank you for a very moving weekend. It has been a tough and border crossing for me and at the same time rewarding, filled with so much love and pride.
Yes, I think we all have so much to be proud of. The 4 fantastic hosts who just do it so well. Totally indescribable. They give us participants a unique opportunity to be ourselves, without shields, masks or filters. And do it with as much care and respect, you actually feel it's okay to be fragile. Thank you.
And us 12 participants, we also have a lot to be proud of. To come to the island to work with yourself intensively with 11 strangers ... it requires so much courage. And we did it. And we just did it so fucking well
I'm so proud of you. And I'm so proud of myself.

Paul Ubierta

“Haha I simply have to share this! Have been walking around cleaning for several hours now at home while the boyfriend is visiting! Have music in the ears for myself, and now I just put an icaros set on and suddenly the others were looking at me and wondering what the hell I listen to because I suddenly just go completely in a trance! I don’t even notice it, but the others I say I’m almost flying across the floor and swaying while I disappear completely! Another sign that it really goes into your soul.”

Cecilie Dyrvig

“Dear lovely wonderful people, thank you for a wild weekend, the one I will remember and carry in my heart to death or dementia do us part.
WOW, what a trip in Ayas rainforests, on my flying mattress, through the wildest 360 kaleidoscope, with clearly mapped foreign galaxies, beautiful alluring patterns
Jacob and Mireille as the most beautiful divine shamans, with the grandest crowns of neon colored feathers and shells, with the most perfect geometrical 3D patterns that light up and move. s, all 5 helpers had on …”

Rita jo

“I thanks and bow for a weekend filled with lovely people, singing, fun, adventure through the universe, love across the board and last but not least Jacob, Mirelle, Lasse, Daniel and Claus I sit here and dream myself back with the biggest smile, I we hope all meet again, peace out spacemonkeys.”

Bjarne Olesen

“I would like to say thank you to Mireille, Jacob, Daniel and David for the wildest of experiences.
So cool that you bother to spend your time and energy to make it possible.
And thanks to all of you for taking part, I had fun with you that weekend.
Cool to get to know you a little bit
It's been the coolest experience, it has certainly been an eye opener for me and certainly not the last time I go.
All people should go and try out such a weekend, I'm sure would benefit everyone.”

Morten Kronborg Thomsen

“Dear Jacob, Daniel, Mirelle and all others who participated in the aya weekend ...... from my HEART thank you for a completely absurd, frenzy, fantastic, painful, pretty, terrible, redeeming, liberating, frustrating, piercing, relentless, forever forgiving and containing, dreamy, caring and WILD WILD WILD, soft, embracing, soothing, shhhhhh, little treasure, shhhhhh ........... fucking experience ...... hug you fucking wildly and almost feel I love you”

Pia Aagaard

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